Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-Dean

Anna-Maria Ravnopolska-Deanbůłgarsko harfistka a kůmpůzytorka.

Anna-Maria Rawnopolska-Dean

CD edytuj

  • Bulgarian Harp Favorites, Arpa d’oro, CD 2003
  • Legende: French Music for Harp, Gega compact disc, 1999
  • Harpist at the Opera (honoring the Donizetti bicentennial), Arpa d'oro CD, 1997
  • Harps of the Americas (Paraguayan and pedal harps), Arpa d'oro CD, 1996
  • Erich Schubert Pop Harp Festival, Gega CD, 1994
  • A Harpist's Invitation to the Dance, Gega CD, 1992

Dźeła edytuj

  • Improvisation for harp solo, June 2003
  • “The turtle’s castle” for harp solo, September 2003
  • Four compositions for harp on Haiku poetry, October 2003
  • Waltz and Lullaby for piano solo, November 2003
  • Rap Tango for harp and voice, November 2003
  • Suite of eight dances: Laendrer, Tango, Fandango, Horo,

Kazachok, Arabian dance, Pavane, Kwjećyń 2004

  • "Fantasy on Traviata”, June 2005
  • Two haiku pieces on Basho, February 2006
  • “The mystic trumpeter” on Walt Whitman, February 2006
  • Five haiku pieces “Solo Honkadorae Renga”, February 2006