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::{{ping|Vermont}}{{ping|Uostofchuodnego}}. [[Używacz:Billinghurst|Billinghurst]] ([[Dyskusyjo używacza:Billinghurst|dyskusyjŏ]]) 23:35, 16 paź 2019 (CEST)
:::Thanks; filter looks like it should be helpful. I'm wondering what the purpose of that bot is, as it seems utterly useless. [[Używacz:Vermont|Vermont]] ([[Dyskusyjo używacza:Vermont|dyskusyjŏ]]) 00:16, 17 paź 2019 (CEST)
:::: Hey, {{ping|Vermont}} and {{ping|Billinghurst}}, thank you both for the help. I tried blocking that person but every day they use a different IP, so the blocks were useless. I think the entire situation is somewhat my fault. I created a bot to translate some of the articles from the Swedish Wikipedia so that the Silesian one has some better numbers. Because they look better, I believe it would be easier for me to set up a group of people on my Uni, who'd want to learn writing in Silesian by creating articles on Silesian Wikipedia (I study linguistics, so there's plenty of potentially interested people around) because so far not much has been happening here. Anyway, my bot provides the source of the translation and interwiki links. Furthermore, I can assure you that the translation quality is perfect. This person kinda copied the idea but they made wrong translations, did not provide the source, and interwiki links. Despite numerous requests they would not change that. Hopefully thanks to you this ended here. --[[Używacz:Uostofchuodnego|Uostofchuodnego]] ([[Dyskusyjo używacza:Uostofchuodnego|dyskusyjŏ]]) 23:09, 17 paź 2019 (CEST)