Spl908455 godka 07:14, 6 lip 2008 (UTC)


Witej, Dezidor! Do you write about villages in Boňkov and Krásná Hora? If so, the word for village is in Silesian wjeś. Gmina is a name for a commune in Poland, and mjasto stands for city. Thanks for helping the Silesian Wikipedia anyway :) Kind regards, Timpul godka 07:58, 11 lip 2008 (UTC)

Yes, Boňkov and Krásná Hora are villages (szl: wjeś, cs: vesnice) but also municipalities (cs: obec, pl: gmina). If you tell me better translation of Czech word obec, I will use it. --Dezidor 22:43, 4 śyr 2008 (UTC)
Ah, that's all because in Polish Wikipedia we have articles for a village and for a city, not together (see for example pl:Węgorzyno and pl:Gmina Węgorzyno). Timpul godka 23:18, 4 śyr 2008 (UTC)
It sometimes also problem at Czech Wikipedia. We usually have article about municipality and than articles about its smaller parts (and article about the main part is usually not separate, but in article about municipality). Czech Republic has many villages and some of them are part of larger municipality, but some of them (including villages about 50-150 inhabitans) are independent municipalities (like Boňkov). In this case is solution to write Boňkov to je wjeś a gmina w Rypublice Českij. Is it correct or has Silezian dialect some own word for municipality/gmina/obec? --Dezidor 11:26, 5 śyr 2008 (UTC)
No, it's absolutely correct :) Timpul godka 11:29, 5 śyr 2008 (UTC)